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Ethnocentrism is simply pride on a group scale.

I know, I know, I’m simplifying a little here. Let me explain.

Ethnocentrism = Group Pride

Ethnocentrism is one of those words that can carry multiple meanings, but generally, it’s defined as a sense of superiority over someone (or their group) due to a belief that one’s own group is different, or better, than others. I have yet to meet or hear of any group of individuals who don’t struggle with ethnocentrism on some level. Continue Reading

Americana, Just for Fun

What the Media Won’t Tell You: The Shortage of Turn Signals

There is a national epidemic that no one is talking about. You won’t find it on NBC, CNN, or Fox News. You probably won’t even find it on your favorite alternative news site. It’s affecting at least 50% of our country’s population, and equally affects every demographic imaginable.

The problem involves our nation’s shortage of turn signals.

You’ve probably heard of turn signals. They’re those little lights that blink right before a car turns or changes lanes. At least, that’s what is supposed to happen. These days, however, more and more cars are being made without turn signal lights. I know this, because about half the cars I come across no longer signal. It’s appalling,  how many of our citizens are unknowingly driving a vehicle that doesn’t know where it’s going.  Continue Reading

Project 1KI

Back in November when I set a goal to interview 1,000 individuals about their careers, I’ll admit the first person that came to mind was not a chiropractor/functional wellness doctor! When I met my Dr. Charles Durr, however, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

Dr. Durr and I met via an appointment for my wife’s autoimmune disorders (but that’s another story). He and his business partner, Dr. Childs, own Corrective aChiropratic in Downingtown, PA. Dr. Durr has answered quite a few questions for me, both about his work as a chiropractor and functional wellness doctor, and as a business owner. See his comments below!

Continue Reading

Project 1KI

The problem with being a naturally curious person is that everything is interesting. That’s why I’ve decided to start asking questions. Lots of questions, in fact, about lots of people.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner; have a unique career; or simply want to tell someone about your job, I want to interview you. I want to ask you questions, some basic (“what’s your average day like?”) and some deep (“how do you apply your personal ethics in your position?”)

My goal is 1KI: One Thousand Interviews. That means I want to talk to at least one thousand individuals about what they do for a living.

Maybe you’ll be one of them.


A few ground rules:

-This isn’t; when I interview John Doe about his career in landscaping, I’ll be looking for John’s unique perspective, not a rehash of his job posting.

-I am willing to “interview” via an email, a Facebook chat, or when possible on video. Long term I hope to post interviews in both video and text formats.

-All interviews will be PG-rated. (If your career isn’t “family friendly,” I won’t be able to include it.)

If you want to share your career experience, or know someone who does, contact me! You just might be part of Project 1KI.


It is impossible for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to “save” the United States of America. (Even Gary Johnson isn’t up to the task.)

No candidate has the ability to truly make our country better than what we the people choose to make it.

Disappointed? You’re not alone. Most people like to look for some sort of political messiah, and it’s easy to assume that someone with as much power as the president of the United States could “save” our country.

The only problem is that, while a president can help or hinder our nation, at the end of the day the only soul they have full power over is their own.

Unfortunately, neither Hillary or Donald is a political savior.

Thankfully, neither of them are the devil incarnate, either! Continue Reading

Just for Fun

I’ve explained before that my wife has celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten. Over the course of our gluten-free experience, we’ve begun asking questions like,

“Where can we find cheap gluten-free baking products?”

“Is gluten-free shampoo really necessary?”

“What in the world are coconut aminos?!”

We’ve also discovered a surprising number of friends and family who avoid gluten for dietary reasons and are asking the same questions! So, we’re starting a blog. Continue Reading

Just for Fun, The Great Outdoors

Since the Backyard of Awesomeness is still in the design stage, our family’s gardening attempts this year involve helping my wife’s family with their garden, and pots.

Oh, and a Home Depot bucket filled with potatoes. (Search for “potato bucket” on Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean.)

As an experiment, I’m also trying my own twist on self-watering plant containers. Continue Reading