Backyard (aka The Yard of Awesomeness)

A lot of backyards involve one thing: grass.

That’s boring.

Know what isn’t boring?

A backyard island. An island with a tree. A tree with a treehouse. A treehouse with a telescope.

Of course, an island, of necessity, involves water. (Otherwise it wouldn’t be an island, but a mountain.) And…this is where I get stuck.

Will the island be surrounded by a stream with real fish? Or will the water drain into a swimming pool? I don’t know. Maybe our kids will have to decide on that one. It will be their island, after all.

Near the island, there will be a garden–and what a garden! It will probably be some sort of combination aquaponics/square foot gardening/potted plants fiesta.

The fences will be lined with fruit trees, grown to hug the fence. I know this is possible because I’ve seen it done at Mount Vernon. When he wasn’t leading armies or being president, George Washington was quite the horticulturist.

“Doctor Suess” flowers will be somewhere out there. (I think the giant pom-pom looking ones are called “alliums,” but don’t quote me on that.)

There will be a rose bush, because roses are romantic. (You’re welcome, dear.) We’ll also have a fountain. Not sure yet if it’ll be a sort of natural looking thing, or more Italian water garden-y. Sunflowers will be sunning…somewhere.

While I’d really like an indoor version, an outdoor rock climbing wall could be almost as good. Maybe a climbing wall with a rope ladder.

Almost forgot: a trampoline. Hopefully the egg-laying chickens don’t peck through it. (Perhaps “not-quite-free-range-chickens” will make more sense than “poop-all-over-the-yard” chickens.)

This is going to be expensive…





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