Worth Melting For

I like Disney movies. They’re quotable, fun, (mostly) family friendly and remind me of one of my entrepreneurial heroes, Walt Disney.

Recently, however, the number of movies with one-word titles has left me wondering if Disney Studios is very clever, or simply lacking in vocabulary. Still, their movies have had me Tangled Up in knots laughing, and ready to Bolt to my computer to rent the latest flick. (See what I did there?)

Frozen, a movie based so loosely on a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale that even he would have trouble finding the connection, is the latest example. (Don’t know which fairy tale I’m talking about? Exactly.)

When my wife and I saw Frozen, I’d already seen a couple trailers that introduced me to Olaf, the most innocent/naïve snowman since Frosty.


Also featured was Sven, who smells better than some people I won’t mention…


I was expecting a movie similar to Tangled: humorous, fun characters, and at least one princess cliché. Did I get what I expected? Yes. And more.

To paraphrase Kristoff,

“Frozen sounds better than Tangled. Sven, Don’t Ya Think That I’m Right?”

Nearly every Disney movie has a good cheesy romantic song. Snow White sings about her prince coming, Rapunzel and Eugene sing about seeing the light, and even Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl have “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” en Español.

But Frozen has the Vuelie Cantus, singing trolls (beats singing rodents every time—see last post), a cheesy romantic song, and the “coolest” Disney song of 2013: Frozen Heart.


Even a girl with more hair than street smarts and guys with blood in their mustaches can’t compete with singing Laplanders.

The songs from Frozen may be a little icy, but they are definitely worth melting for.


©2014. Pictures courtesy of http://movies.disney.com/frozen/downloads/wallpapers


  1. I have been waiting patiently for a Disney movie similar to Tangled…I had hoped Brave would do that for me…I was disappointed. Frozen was a step in the right direction…but I did not leave the theater in awe as I did with Tangled. However…quotes such as “You cannot just marry the first man you meet” was awesome because for so long this is what Disney has had us believing in Love at first sight.

  2. Flora McConkie

    Have you seen Alex Boye’s “Let it Go” — featured on Des News website? 

    I am looking forward to hearing those singing Lapps!  🙂

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