Good Ol’ Tech

In two weeks, I managed to go through three cellphones.

No, I’m not unusually clumsy. (Besides, I almost always keep my phone in a protective case.) My old phone died, so I once again entered the smartphone market. My first “new” phone was a refurbished Nexus from my service provider, Ting (an excellent provider, BTW). Refurbs had never been an issue for me before, and this particular phone had excellent reviews.

The phone worked great—it just had no bars. Actually, the bars liked to play hide-n’-seek. Think Microsoft Vista: “Now I’m working, now I’m not. Now I’m working, now I’m not. Haha, gotcha!”

Thankfully, Ting’s services reps had no problem issuing me a refund.

Round two was a new HTC Evo 4G (an older HTC model, but still robust) from an Amazon seller. Gotta love 2-day shipping—too bad they sent me a used phone. At this point I began wondering whether a cheap tablet and a dumbphone could replace my dearly departed device. Once again, a good service rep walked me through the return process.

On a whim, I checked eBay for a phone.

And eBay seller ThirdTimesTheCharm [not real name] was selling a used HTC Evo 4G. With a protective case—and it was white, and only $35!

One month later, I’ve decided that sometimes, buying used is the way to go. My phone works. It won’t run laps around the latest and greatest—it has trouble just keeping up, in fact—but it works. And it’s white. And has decent battery life. And it’s usually got 6 bars!

And it’s got a kickstand.

Sadly, your phone's not me. I'm on a kickstand. Hyah!

I bet your phone doesn’t have a kickstand.

And since it was only $35, if I do ever drop it, I don’t care if it gets scratched or dented.

Besides, it’s got a protective case.


©2014. Picture courtesy of my wife’s camera.

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  1. Gene D

    I must say that I feel badly at having taken humor with your poor luck! At least, you do appear to have come to a good resolution.

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