The Mud-Bird

I’m writing a book.

Actually, the story is already written. What I should have said is, my wife and I are in the process of illustrating, editing, formatting, marketing, re-illustrating, re-editing, re-formatting, re-marketing our book.

And I thought the writing part was challenging!

It’s a children’s book, titled, “The Mud-Bird.” Based on true events (mine), and involving the mud-bird, a child’s imagination, and a lizard. Here’s a piece:


Once I made a mud egg, about as big as my fist. I showed it to Dad, who smiled and asked what bird the “egg” came from.  I said I wasn’t sure, and did he know?

His response was, “Do you want the real answer, or the pretend answer?”

I had just learned what “pretend” is. It’s when something isn’t real (but it’s a lot of fun to play  like it is). Excited, I asked for the pretend answer.

Dad taught at a big school called a college, so he made up the best pretend answers! “This,” he said, solemnly, but with his mouth curved at the corners, “Is the egg of a mud bird.” 


Your thoughts?






  1. Paula

    I like it! I can see in my mind the interaction between you and your dad. Can’t wait for the finished product. 🙂

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