The Penguin Helps Me Publish

As part of our efforts to publish the Mud-bird story, my wife and I have dusted off her old laptop so I can research things like digital publishing and the ridiculous number of fonts available for a children’s e-book. Part of the process involved installling Linux on the machine, first Mint, then Ubuntu.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a quick explanation:

-Your computer uses something called an operating system (O.S.) to communicate with you. Windows 7 is an O.S. Your phone uses one too, probably Android or iOS. Instead of making you speak in computer talk (made up of 1 and 0 in different orders), you can talk to the O.S. by clicking, typing, and these days saying, “OK Google,” or “Siri, look up the coolest new blog online.” (Siri should point you to MccTaft.Wordpress.com at this point. She didn’t? Hmm…)

Linux is a free O.S. Just like you can go buy Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, Linux has dozens of versions. Mint and Ubuntu are just 2 that are easy to install and have lots of other users. These users have already solved most of the problems I might come across, checked the Linux versions for any issues, and even created images for Linux.

Enter the penguin.


This is Tux, the Linux penguin. No, Tux doesn’t actually stand for his good looks, but for Torvald’s UniX. Don’t ask what that means, Google it if you’re interested–this is a blog post, not a Wikipedia article.

So far Tux and his O.S. have treated me well. I’ve had a couple issues, but nothing major, and I’m able to use a good looking and well running O.S. on a laptop that would otherwise be holding our dust bunnies collection.

Ever tried Linux yourself?




©2015. Thanks to the Ubuntu and Mint communities for their work on Linux, and to the Linux community for the birth of Tux.