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The Room of Play

Wardrobe or hobbit-hole door?

That is the question my wife and I have discussed recently. You see, someday when we’re rich and famous (or at least have a basement), my wife and I plan to dedicate a room to play (probably our basement). Said room will need an entrance.

A normal door won’t do, however. It has to immediately suggest that what’s going on in this playroom is awesome.

Hence, the question: a wardrobe, to intrigue the inner Lucy in all of us, or a hobbit-hole that would make Bilbo proud?

If a wardrobe, it will have to have fur coats.

But I’ve always liked the idea of making a round door from scratch.

Decisions, decisions, and they don’t end with the door.

Will the miniature castle walls be reminiscent of Redwall, or Ranger Will Treaty’s home of Araluen?

Should the stick-horse barn have a cowboy theme, or be appropriate for Gandalf’s horse, Shadowfax?

Will it look out of place to put Anne of Green Gables in a mural with Robin Hood?

Does Peter Pan go on the ceiling, or the wall? (And does he have his shadow?)

Can the Half-Magic Children get along with the Boxcar Children?

These are the questions that plague you when you’re a kid at heart.

And we haven’t even discussed the island, tree-house, sandbox and rock climbing wall in the backyard.

Or the LEGO room. Have to have a LEGO room.




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