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Red Shoe, Blue Shoe


I’ve never been a shoe connoisseur. For dress shoes, I like Ecco, they last me a long time and are generally comfortable. Sneakers, I like whatever is cheap and comfortable at Target. (My red $15 sneakers get more compliments than my $120 Rockports…)

One of my coworkers–for conversation’s sake, we’ll call her Cookie–likes pictures of shoes. A whole year’s worth, to be precise. Her desk calendar gracefully displays a new shoe each day of the year. Some of the shoes are just good shoes–tasteful but practical, if overpriced. BUT SOME–well, some deserve to be written about.

Take this shoe, for example.



I believe the owner of this shoe will be asking the Wizard for a heart.

Now, these next shoes look chic–but I hope the owners didn’t actually step on tribbles in those things.


Still, it’s one way to get rid of all those tribbles. Next it will be tribble coats.

Our next model looks downright normal next to its companions, but don’t let it fool you: that shiny material is non-breathable plastic goodness.


Just imagine how your feet would smell after a day of sweating in those things.

(I may or may not have just shuddered.)

While the next shoe has a hint of Dr. Suess about it, I’m wondering if “ancient torture device” would be a more fitting description. Ouch.


Definitely belongs in the, “you’re not going out in that!?” category. Although if the spike broke, you wouldn’t be going anywhere, except the ER.

Ah, something a little cheerier!


This shoes gives me hope that there’s some lucky girl out there for Willy Wonka. (The orange matches his hat so nicely.)

Perhaps this shoe is a bit more Dr. Suess’ style.


Every Who down in Whoville is wearing them, I hear.

And finally, the Pièce De Résistance.


When I saw this shoe, I knew there was only one fitting description:

“Darth Maul Just Wants to Dance!”






  1. I have never seen anything like the shoes pictured on October 30th or November 16th. I’m clumsy enough to trip while barefooted, so I wouldn’t stand a chance in those! My whole family and I enjoyed “Darth Maul Just Wants to Dance!” Thanks for the laugh!

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