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A New, Gluten-Free Blog

I’ve explained before that my wife has celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten. Over the course of our gluten-free experience, we’ve begun asking questions like,

“Where can we find cheap gluten-free baking products?”

“Is gluten-free shampoo really necessary?”

“What in the world are coconut aminos?!”

We’ve also discovered a surprising number of friends and family who avoid gluten for dietary reasons and are asking the same questions! So, we’re starting a blog.

Red Checkered Tablecloth is the ongoing chronicle of our gluten-free living experience. We’ll be posting about everything from gluten-free recipes to our favorite new gluten-free flour blends. Long term, we hope to make it a place where a celiac newbie can find out how to shop, eat, and live gluten free (without breaking the bank).


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If you know someone living a gluten-free lifestyle, tell them about Red Checkered Tablecloth. We’d love to hear their thoughts and experiences, and exchange gluten-free living ideas. Are you wondering how to cook for someone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? We’ll be covering that too!