Project 1KI

Project 1KI: One Thousand Interviews

The problem with being a naturally curious person is that everything is interesting. That’s why I’ve decided to start asking questions. Lots of questions, in fact, about lots of people.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner; have a unique career; or simply want to tell someone about your job, I want to interview you. I want to ask you questions, some basic (“what’s your average day like?”) and some deep (“how do you apply your personal ethics in your position?”)

My goal is 1KI: One Thousand Interviews. That means I want to talk to at least one thousand individuals about what they do for a living.

Maybe you’ll be one of them.


A few ground rules:

-This isn’t; when I interview John Doe about his career in landscaping, I’ll be looking for John’s unique perspective, not a rehash of his job posting.

-I am willing to “interview” via an email, a Facebook chat, or when possible on video. Long term I hope to post interviews in both video and text formats.

-All interviews will be PG-rated. (If your career isn’t “family friendly,” I won’t be able to include it.)

If you want to share your career experience, or know someone who does, contact me! You just might be part of Project 1KI.